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A true performer, Christina Swanson’s work manifests itself in original performance art and theater. Swanson is a champion of progressing her art form, including movement and recorded sound in her performance pieces. Her original piece, Absence, directed by Carolyn Alam, was premiered at Works In Progress Festival in Detroit, September 2018. It has been performed at the Lightbox theater, and the Detroit Fringe Forward Festival (mentored by dancer Joshua Bisset ) in Detroit. Upcoming performances include the Pittsburgh Fringe Festival, and an international premiere at the Vancouver Fringe Festival. 

Swanson crosses genre lines in her work on The Voices of the Carousel, an original narrative cabaret piece, written by the band The Strange. A hybrid of rock, jazz, and operatic styles, Swanson stands out in her interpretation of The Empress and Tarot Card Reader in the dreamy but minimalist production. The piece has been seen at the Planet Ant Theater, the Lightbox theater, The Whitney, and will debut in Lansing at multimedia arts festival, Stoopfest. In addition, the work has been featured on WDET’s Essential Music.